“An Interview with God” is an upcoming stage play from the stables of Delsue Welch Entertainment (DWE) about an African American family and their encounter with the inevitable changing of morality.  The production is in line with DWE’s goal of delivering and presenting educational, spiritual, family-oriented, and socially relevant presentations for public consumption, to be “Entertained with a Message.”

The play reveals how Satan in 7 days uses his manipulation to turn a loving and God-fearing family away from God into his poisonous influence, tearing the family apart because of the inevitable changing of morality. The change of morality has led many people to play Russian Roulette with their souls while religion turns a blind eye to the matter. “An Interview with God” is consequently looking to compel people to pull the trigger to the right thing and make positive changes, before “Their Interview with God”


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